Post Election Fun In The Rocky Mountains!

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Fishing with kids in the Rocky Mountains is fun!

I would suggest you get your family out to have some fun in the Rocky Mountains before winter comes.  This is just what everyone needs to get your minds off the US presidential election.

This election cycle has been absolutely crazy and overwhelming in all respects.  It is easy to get completely bombarded by it and lose your sense of perspective.  Please remember that the natural world is still moving on and doing its thing as if the election never happened.  Here are a bunch of fun things that you can do to get past the election and return to family fun in the Rocky Mountains.

Post Election Fun In The Rocky Mountains

I know that it is getting late in the year, but you can still get out and do a lot of stuff in the Rocky Mountains with your family.  Just keep in mind the time of year and that areas higher up in the mountains may be much colder than where you live.  Here are some good tips for fall hiking that can be applied to any outdoor fun in the fall.

fun, family, Rocky Mountains

Family time in the Rocky Mountains on a hike!

Hiking Fun In the Rocky Mountains

Keep in mind the tips for fall hiking and then get out and enjoy some trails.  That will be a great way to get your mind off the election and back to nature.

Here are some fun hike with kids in Salt Lake City, or some fun hikes with kids in Utah, and fun hikes with kids near Bozeman, Montana.

Or if you want, here are some tips to help you find kid-friendly hikes near you.

Camping Fun In The Rocky Mountains

I love to go camping, and this time of year can be a bit cold at night but is magical.  There are not as many bugs or people in the mountains in the fall.  You just have to be careful that it is not too cold or snows on you.

Here are some great car camping spots in Utah.

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Fishing at sunset with my daughter at a Rocky Mountain lake. Pretty great…

Fishing in the Rocky Mountains

If you live in the Rocky Mountains, then you can get out and do some fishing this fall before it becomes too cold.  Fall fishing can still be good as the fish are pretty active and trying to eat a lot of food before winter comes.

Here are some tips on fishing with kids.  Or some info on fish spawning in the fall including brown trout spawning in the fall.