Fun Hikes with Kids near Bozeman, Montana

There are lots of fun areas to explore and to go hiking with kids around Bozeman, Montana.

The City of Bozeman is located in a fantastic spot in the heart of the Rocky Mountains.  It is near Yellowstone National Park, wilderness areas, ski resorts, and some great trout fishing rivers.

hiking bozeman M trail

Hiking along the trail to the M.

It consistently gets ranked as one of the top towns for outdoor recreation in the US.

Within several hours you can find yourself hiking tall mountains, skiing big mountains, and fishing or floating wide rivers.  But, luckily you don’t have to travel very far in order to have fun with your kids in the mountains.

Here are a few fun hikes to take kids on in the Bozeman area:

Hiking Bozeman M TrailThe M

The trailhead is a 5 minute drive from the heart of downtown Bozeman.  With three main routes to chose from, ranging from gently sloping to the huff and puff straight up option, familes at all skill levels can be challenged. The easier but longer way up the M is a great hike for children with a number of benches for breaks and nature viewing.  Although this is a well used trail, in minutes you can leave the city life behind and be surrounded in nature.  Once to the top of this hike you will be greeted with a bench, a large M made of white rocks to signify the local college and sweeping views of the town below.  Bring your own water on this trail as there are no drinking fountains at the trailhead.

Drinking Horse

Located across the street from the M parking lot, this trail is another great option for families short on time.  The trail starts off by winding down to a large covered bridge that crosses over the small river.  This can be the destination itself for those who really don’t want to go far, but are more interested in just relaxing and being outdoors.  If you continue on the hike, you will return here on the way back so then it can be a nice time to stop and cool off in the water.  Follow the trail until you come to a fork in the trail where you will see a sign describing the two options.  Both are rather short, capture the alpine setting and meet at the top. The view on top gives you a glimpse of the backside of the Bridger Mountains.  Remember to bring your own water.

Bozeman Creek ( Sourdough trail)

Located in the Gallatin Mountain Range just ten minutes to the south-west from Bozeman this trail follows Bozeman Creek. This is the City of Bozeman’s watershed, which means the city gets some of it’s drinking water from the river.  This wide trail goes for miles and is a moderately easy trail, which is also frequented by bikers so keep your eyes open as you walk along this trail.

Thanks to Nikki Danenhauer for the photos and suggestions.