7 Tips To Find Kid-Friendly Hikes Near You

DSC_1990For parents knowing where to go is the most important part of taking a hike with your kids.  Sometimes it can be hard to think of where to go, which means you are stuck at home.  Here are some simple tips to help parents find places to go hiking with kids.  

I have spent a lot of time taking my kids hiking near our home.  Some days I know exactly where I want to go or the kids have ideas.  Unfortunately, there are a lot of days where I just couldn’t think of a hike to go on.  When that happens we may end up not getting out for a hike, which is a bummer.  Luckily that doesn’t happen often because over the years I have come up with ways to find hikes.

Tips for Finding Kid-Friendly Hikes Near You

Keep a List – As you find or go on different hikes you should keep track of all of them somewhere.  This could be a simple notebook or maybe in a document or spreadsheet on your computer.  This list should include the details of hike and your personal opinion of it to help you remember it.

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Read Hiking Guidebooks – You should read or buy books that show local hikes.  Most areas will have more than one hiking guide to the area.  These could include a book of kid-friendly hikes, longer day hikes, etc…  Look through these books and mark the hikes that you are interested in or have done.  You can find these at local book stores, outdoor shops, or even the local library.


Look Online – I have often looked up different hikes that maybe I heard someone mention online.  In case you haven’t heard, the internet is a great resource for information.  You can do google search by area or hikes.

Talk to Friends That Hike With Kids – Another great source of finding fun hikes with kids is to talk to other parents that hike with their kids.  Find someone that is similar in personality to yourself and you will probably like the same hikes as them.

Talk to Employees at Local Outdoors Store – People that work at outdoor stores are generally avid hikers or outdoors people and are a great resource.  You can go into the store and browse the hiking guides.  Then find an employee and you can ask them to suggest good hikes with kids.  You can relate what you know or trails you have done and then they can offer good suggestions.

hikes, hiking mapBuy a Detailed Map of Your Area – I love maps.  Buy yourself a detailed map of the local area that ideally shows trails.  Then you can put it up on the wall of your house and look it over to find a trail in an area that seems neat.  If you find a trail, you can then ask others about it or look in a guidebook to see what it says.

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Get out and explore with your family!

Get Out and Explore – If all else fails, then you can always simply load up the family and go exploring.  You can check out that one canyon that you see on your drive to work and hope that you find a trail there.  This option can be a bit challenging and not ideal with kids, but you can do it with the right attitude.

These are the main ways that I, personally, find hikes in our area.  Do you have any other suggestions or tips?