About Me: Mark Danenhauer

Hi, my name is Mark Danenhauer and  I have been a stay at home Dad for the past eight years.  My two kids, wife, and I have lived in Salt Lake City for 10 years.

family, mark danenahuer

Here is my family on a multi-day canoe trip on the Whanganui River in New Zealand.

I started Jake’s Nature Blog in 2015.  I love nature and have been exploring the natural world and working in the environmental field for years.  Over the past eight years I have been a stay at home dad, focused on my children and sharing my love of the outdoors with them.  During that time I have learned a lot about the trials and tribulations of getting my kids outdoors.

This blog is my attempt to share fun nature facts about the Rocky Mountains with others.  My desire is that everyone will learn to appreciate the amazing natural world that surrounds us.

Great Resource On The Natural World Of The Rocky Mountains

In this blog I post every two days and write mainly cool nature facts about the Rocky Mountains.  Although, from time to time if I am feeling inspired I will give tips for parents to get their kids outdoors or list some activities for exploring the Rocky Mountains.

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Mark Danenhauer’s Background

family, mark danenhauer

A fun slot canyon in southern Utah.

I am a writer, blogger, and father who loves to spend as much time outside as possible.  I explore the Rocky Mountains with my family as often as I can, doing lots of hiking and camping.

Before being a stay at home Dad I worked in the environmental field.  That feels like a lifetime ago, but it was really only about 8 years ago.  In Salt Lake City, I worked with the Utah Rivers Council, advocating for the protection of Utah’s rivers.  I worked mainly on water conservation issues and wild and scenic rivers.

Before Salt Lake City we lived in Springfield, Illinois where I went to graduate school and worked at the Illinois EPA.  I earned a M.A. in Natural Resources and Sustainable Development at UIS.

Prior to graduate school, I was lucky enough to serve as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Madagascar as an environmental volunteer.  I lived on the big red island for three great, challenging, and formative years.  Two of those years were spent working at Andringitra National Park doing environmental education activities and trail work.  The final year I lived in Fort Dauphin on the southern coast of the country and was a Peace Corps Volunteer Leader.

I have written one book, Jake’s Nature Guide: Rocky Mountains.  It is a pocket size book that introduces readers to the natural world of the Rockies.  I am converting that book into an ebook, which hopefully will be available soon.

In my free time I enjoy hiking, camping, fly fishing, biking, and pretty much anything that is outdoors.  I also coach my kids sports teams whenever I can.

Why Jake’s Nature Blog and Not Mark’s Nature Blog?

about mark danenhauer, jakeI named this blog after my dog, Jake.  He was born in the flatlands of the Midwest where he became adept at chasing squirrels. Jake loved to try and catch squirrels, and would even try climbing up trees after them. After a few years we moved to Salt Lake City.