Book – Jake’s Nature Guide: Rocky Mountains

This unique book is designed to be a tool to help anyone learn about the natural world of the Rocky Mountains in a fun, easy way. You can buy Jake’s Nature Guide: Rocky Mountains here.  It is jam packed with over 300 color photos and drawings to help you learn about the Rockies.

BOOK BUY NOW IMAGEWhat Is This Book About?

This is a wonderful nature guide to the Rocky Mountains. It is full of great information about how the natural world works, such as what kinds of nest birds have, and which animals of the Rocky Mountains are active during the day or night.

Additionally, it will help readers learn how to identify the common species of the Rocky Mountains. Color photos of the common species along with a brief description are included in each section.


Truly pocket size and color coded for ease of use!

Who Is This Book For?

It is written in clear, simple language making it perfect for the non-expert. In fact, this book would be perfect for parents to take along and introduce their children to the Rocky Mountains.

Or it would be the perfect book for visitors to the Rocky Mountains to take with them on their outings to gain a better understanding of the natural world of the Rockies. Parents, visitors, or anyone interested in the Rockies can buy Jake’s Nature Guide: Rocky Mountains here.


Colorado Columbine – one of the common flowers of the Rocky Mountains is in the book.

What Makes This Book Special?

This guide is small enough to fit in your pocket, making it easy to bring on your explorations of the Rockies.

It covers all aspects of the natural world – from birds and mammals to bugs and geology.

Luckily, it is well organized with color-coding for each section, making it easy to use in the field.

Throughout the guidebook are drawings of Jake the dog who shares fun nature facts with readers.


So small, yet full of so much great information on the Rocky Mountains.

Buy The Book Today!

This is your opportunity to buy Jake’s Nature Guide: Rocky Mountains today. Don’t let any more time go by before you buy this great guidebook to bring on your explorations of the Rocky Mountains. This one pocket size book will help you gain a greater appreciation of the amazing natural world of the Rocky Mountains.