Squirrel Moms Help Babies Defecate – Say What??

squirrel moms

Photo via Flickr.

Squirrel moms are incredibly loving and dedicated parents.  Many Rocky Mountain animal parents love their babies, but you won’t believe what squirrels do.

Moms, or Dads too, of any kind of animal will do just about anything for their babies.  As a father myself, I know that I have done things I never would have imagined doing before having my own children.  But, recently as I researched weird poop facts I came across this one that squirrels do that is incredible.

What Do Squirrel Moms Do For Their Babies?

Squirrel moms will remove the babies poop from the nest.  But, the crazy and kind of gross part is that they do it by carrying it in their mouth!

squirrel moms

A baby squirrel is so cute, but it needs some help…with…you know. Photo via Flickr.

In fact, baby squirrels need to be stimulated by the parent in order to defecate.  The mother squirrel will lick the baby around that area and that will cause the baby to go to the bathroom.  If a baby squirrel is not stimulated then it may not be able to go to the bathroom!  That could possibly cause it to die.

squirrel moms

Who knew squirrel moms were so dedicated? Photo via Flickr.

Why Do Squirrel Moms Do It?

The squirrel moms do it in order to increase the chances the baby will survive.  Remember, most everything that animals do comes down to a quest for survival.

Moms carry the poop away from the nest for two main reasons.  First, it keeps away the smell, which therefore will keep away predators.  Predators would be attracted to the smell if it the poop were still in the nest.

Secondly, it keeps the nest where mom and baby are clean and healthy.  The poop has parasites with it, which could cause the mom or baby to get sick.