8 Poop Facts – Gross, Natural, & Fascinating!

poop facts

A mother squirrel is truly devoted to her babies…

As I talked about the other day, all animals eat and all animals poop.  Here are some cool and gross poop facts that I bet you didn’t know about.

Poop is one of those things that a lot of people don’t want to talk about.  But, I think it is important to understand about animal poop or scat as some people call it.  We can learn a lot about what animals eat and how they behave by learning about poop.  Some animals do it while on the move and some do it in private places.

8 Poop Facts – A Lot Of Info About Number Two

poop facts

Elephants make a lot of poop! Photo via Flickr.

Elephants are big animals and they make a lot of poop every day.  In one day an elephant may make up to 300 pounds of poop!

A recent study found that most animals take about 12 seconds to poop.  Some go faster and some a little bit slower, but on average it is 12 seconds.  That is wild when you consider how much comes out of an elephant.

Some animals poop in order to mark their territory.  For example, house cats will cover up their poop.  But, sometimes wild cats such as mountain lions will poop in visible places in order to let others know this is their area.

poop facts

Cottontail rabbit.

Rabbits, such as the Mountain Cottontail found in the Rocky Mountains, are herbivores and poop a lot.  They will also eat their own poop!

Many animals take a poop while they are walking and don’t bother to stop.  These include elephants, and deer.

poop facts

Raccoons have communal toilets away from where they sleep.

In contrast to the moving poopers, there are many animals who will always poop in the same location.  They do this for a variety of reasons, which for humans is for sanitation and health.  Common black ants will poop in only certain locations.  Raccoons also have these common toilet areas away from where they live.

Many birds of prey will poop just before they take off to fly.  They do this to make themselves as light as possible to make flying easier.

And the final poop fact is one that is pretty gross, but truly shows the devotion of mothers.  Squirrel moms use their mouths to physically remove their babies poop away from the nest.  They do this to keep the nest clean and free from predators.