Winter’s Must Keep Items In Your Car For Family Fun

must keep, subaru, winter

The old subaru ready for winter.

Winter is on the way and it is time to get ready.  Here is a list of things that you must keep in your car during winter in the Rocky Mountains so that your family is always ready for fun in the snow.

I am a planner and like to be ready and prepared.  This means that I keep stuff in my car at all times so that I am always ready.  The must keep items in my car are different in the summer and winter.  In the winter there is snow out, which means kids could get cold,  and clothes become wet from playing in the snow.

must keep, winter, car, girl

I have these must keep items in my car to make it easier to have fun in the snow with my kids.

Why Do I Have Must Keep Items In My Car?

TO MAKE LIFE EASIER!  I find it easy to just keep a bunch of stuff in the car that my family often uses when we are exploring the Rocky Mountains.  I leave things in the car that can get cold or frozen without damaging them.

Additionally, it is easier to just leave a bunch of stuff in your car so that when you are trying to corral the kids for an outing it is less stuff to gather.  There is already enough to do when you are getting the family together to head to the mountains.  Leaving a number of things in the car or the backpack for hiking (must bring items for a hike) just makes it easier to get up to the mountains.

Winter’s Must Keep Items In Your Car For Family Fun

Blanket – I keep a couple of blankets in the car during winter because they are great to keep everyone warm.  If you spend a long time outside, kids may get cold and want a blanket when they return to the car.

Change of socks – I am not really sure how this happens, but inevitably my kids get their socks wet or they lose them.  By having extra socks in the car I’m ready for that.

Extra boots or shoes (if you have them) – As I said, you never know when you may want to stop to play in the snow.  Extra boots or shoes in the car will make it possible to do so.

Snow Shovel – a shovel is fun no matter the season.  In winter, a shovel may be important for you as the parent to dig out your car.  But, for the kids a snow shovel can be used for all kinds of fun.  It is just fun to dig out snow to make a jump, fort, or a maze in the snow.

winter's must keep items, snow, sled

Sledding is always fun in the winter!

Sled – one or two sleds in the back of your car is always handy.  Who knows when you may be driving with the kids from the store or school and want to go sledding.  You can pull over, do some sledding, and then hop in the car to return home for some hot chocolate.

Plastic Bags – I always have extra plastic bags in my car, whether in summer or winter.  These always come in handy.  In the winter you can use them to put wet socks, boots, or clothes into after you’ve had fun playing in the snow.  You can also use them to put trash in or in case someone gets car sick.  We once used them to line our son’s old shoes to keep his feet dry and not too cold.

Snacks – I like to keep snacks in the car at all times.  The kids are always hungry and it is easy for them to just grab a quick bite between activities.  Not all snacks can stay in the car in winter as they don’t freeze well.  Another downside of this plan is that the car becomes a bit dirty, reminding me of a Baby Blues cartoon.

The cartoon is the one where the Mom cleans out all the crumbs in the car into a bag.  Then the Dad wanders along and is asked to hold the bag.  As he stands there he starts eating the crumbs and asks where the trail mix came from.