10 Must Bring Items On a Hike

must bring on hike, backpackDon’t ever forget to bring any of these must bring items the next time you go for a hike.  I never go for a hike in the Rocky Mountains without bring these along.

Have you ever been on a hike and realized you forgot to pack some must bring item with you?  Maybe it was a hot day and you discovered you forgot the sunscreen?  Or perhaps someone got injured and you couldn’t find any bandages?  Well, if you simply pack these items every time you go hiking you will not have that unfortunate experience.

Must Bring Items That Can Be Left In Your Backpack

These things are essential items to always have along with you when you go for a hike.  Luckily, these are things that you can simply put in your backpack and leave them in there all the time.  They will not go bad, but you may need to refill them or add more if you use them up on a hike.

must bring, backpack, hikeSunscreen – I like to keep a small bottle in my backpack at all times.

Fire Starter – This could be some matches in a ziplock bag or a lighter.

Whistle – Handy in case you get lost or need help.

First Aid Kit – This can be something small you put together with essential items like bandages and pain killers.  If you or someone with you has allergies then you can pack something specific for that.

must bring, hike, backpackMust Bring Items To Always Bring On A Hike

Warm clothes/rain gear – No matter the time of year I always throw in a warm jacket and rain coat.  In the mountains the weather can change quickly and it is better to be prepared than to be sorry.

Food – Pack some snacks or lunch.  If you go for a long hike you will burn a lot of energy and need food to replace those calories and keep up your energy.

Water – Absolutely essential.  Bring at least one or two bottles when you go even if you think you won’t use it.  I have been caught out without enough water before and it was not pleasant.  I tried the trick of putting a small rock in my mouth to create saliva.  It worked, but it was not fun.

Sun hat – A nice hat to keep the sun off your face and head is important.  This will keep you from overheating and getting sunburned.  Or if it begins to rain it can help keep your face free of rain.

Cellphone – These days I will admit that a cellphone is a good idea as it may help you out.  Do not rely on it though since you may not have coverage and the batteries may run out.

Map and compass – Bring along a map of the area.  You may know the area pretty well, but you never know when this could come in handy.  The map and compass could be used to explore a new side canyon that you haven’t seen before or can be used in case you get lost.

Other Items That Can Be Useful

Here are a few final items that I will not say are essential, but I find come in handy.  I usually have these along with me when I go for a hike.

Duct Tape


Small Blanket

Handkerchief or Small Piece of Fabric