What Happens to Bugs in Winter?

I love running around the Rocky Mountains in the spring and summer with my owners.  It is so fun to jump over logs and smell everything!

The only thing that I do not like about those times are the bugs – the big flies that land on me when I am resting in the shade or the ants that crawl all over me if I accidentally lie down on the anthill.

dog 11In the winter time I don’t have that problem.  I love frolicking in the snow and never having to worry about those bugs.  So, that got me to wondering what happens to those bugs in the winter?  I don’t see them when there is snow everywhere, but then they are back again in the springtime. Continue reading

How Do Trees Survive Winter?

winter-tree-branches-600x400The cold, freezing, short days of winter in the Rocky Mountains are not the best time of year for most forms of life.  It is not easy to survive and all forms of life have different strategies for how to survive it.  Many animals migrate, hibernate or adapt.

But, what about those forms of life, such as trees, that can not simply leave the area or go underground into a nice, comfy den?  How do they survive the winter? Continue reading

How do Animals Survive the Winter?

During the fall time people enjoy looking at the beautiful fall colors of the Rocky Mountains and spending time outside in the crisp days.  The air is finally a bit cooler after a long, hot summer and the days are getting shorter.  These are all signs that winter is coming.

rocky mountains in winterThen once winter arrives it can be extremely harsh in the Rocky Mountains, with freezing temperatures, snow, ice, and cold winds.  All animals, including people, know that winter is coming and start to get ready for it.  Preparing for winter can mean a lot of different things to different animals – such as migrating to warmer climates or eating lots of food. Continue reading