How Long Does It Take A Spider To Spin a Web?

It is always fun to be the first one up in the morning to be hiking along a trail in the Rockies.  You are the first one there to wander along the trail and discover what happened to the area during the night.

Well, at least it is mostly fun.  As a short dog I am able to run around and under things pretty easily.  But, sometimes when I am the first one on the trail and I run or jump along I do have the misfortune of running into a spider web.  It is always a weird feeling to be running along happily one minute and then the next minute to have a sticky web draped across my face.

I just don’t understand how that web gets there?  How can there be a spider web across the middle of a hiking trail?  That got me wondering how long does it take a spider to spin a web? Continue reading