A Parent’s Bag of Tricks – For Hiking With Kids

Bag-of-tricks.jpgOver the years my owners have created a ‘bag of tricks’ that they take with them whenever they go hiking with their kids in the Rocky Moutains.  I don’t know why they say they have a bag of tricks because in all the time we have spent outdoors I have never seen them open up an actual bag and pull out any tricks.

Sometimes when the kids are gone I hear them talking to each other about their ‘bag of tricks’.  My best understanding is that their ‘bag of tricks’ is a number of things that they have to keep the kids entertained or moving on the trail.  They seem to pull them out when the kids are getting bored on the trail and don’t want to keep hiking or when the kids begin to get grouchy. Continue reading

Fun Hikes With Kids In Utah

Hiking with kids is a day playing in the Rocky Mountains with your family.

There is nothing I enjoy quite as much as spending a day with my family out for a walk in the mountains.  Exploring the mountains with your family is an adventure.  You never know what you are going to come across on the trail – maybe you will see a big mammal grazing in a meadow or come across some really strange looking bug.

These hikes are some of my favorites in Utah.  They are between 2 and 6 miles long, making them a bit hard for very small kids, but not too long for most five and six year olds.   Continue reading

Hiking With Kids – Have Fun and Smell the Flowers

DSC_1223I love hiking, especially in the Rocky Mountains.  Prior to my owners having kids and being parents I loved to spend the day wandering in the mountains, pushing my body to its limit to see how far I could go and what I could see.  A ten-mile round trip hike was a nice way to spend the day.

As I have learned, hiking with kids is not the same as hiking with just adults.  With adults, a hike tends to be focused on getting to a distant goal, such as a mountain peak or lake.  In contrast, with kids it is all about the journey and not the destination.

Change Your Mindset – Go Slow and Enjoy the Journey Continue reading