What Animals Hibernate?

I know that a lot of animals disappear during the winter, but I wasn’t sure how many of them stay in the Rocky Mountains and hibernate versus how many of them simply go somewhere else.  So, I decided to do a little bit of research (which is super hard when you only have paws and no fingers to work a keyboard, but I managed to do it). Continue reading

How Do Animals Know When to Come Out of Hibernation?

I feel like winter is coming to an end.  Maybe that is just me and my hopeful thinking, but winter in the Rocky Mountains will be done at some point soon and spring will be upon us.

Springtime is when everything seems to come back to life – trees begin growing new leaves, flowers begin to grow, and animals that have been resting all winter or hibernating begin to wake up and become more active.

I wonder how those mammals in the Rockies that go into hibernation know when it is time to wake up again? Continue reading