Common Fungi (Mushrooms) of the Rocky Mountains

Fungi, fungus, mushroom, or however you want to say it are a really strange form of life and they are everywhere in the Rocky Mountains.  Simply saying the word mushroom gets a strong reaction from people.  It can cause them to make a disgusted face or it can cause them to smile as they think about eating them.

Whatever you think of mushrooms, fungi are incredibly important for a healthy environment and also help people in making many different kinds of food and medicine. Continue reading

What is the Largest Living Thing on Earth?

All around us in the Rocky Mountains we are surrounded by different forms life.  In this blog I have talked about some of those including wildflowers, trees, birds, mammals, and others.  I have talked about some of the smallest animals in the Rocky Mountains, such as ants, bees, and butterflies, and some of the larger animals, including a moose and grizzly bear.

But, what is the largest living thing in the Rocky Mountains or even the entire World? Continue reading