Book Review – There’s No Such Thing As Bad Weather

book reviewThis is a bit unusual, but here is a book review of a book I just read. This book ties in with my blog since it is all about getting kids outside in nature.

As parents the number one most important thing for us to get our kids outside more is to make sure we are motivated to do it. Some days I find it easy to motivate and get the troops out of the house. But, other days I have a much harder time finding the energy and motivation. This book does a great job giving me that extra motivation and I would recommend it to others.

Book Review Of There’s No Such Thing As Bad Weather

An acquaintance of mine, Linda Akeson McGurk, recently wrote a new book, There’s No Such Thing As Bad Weather. She asked me to read it over and then write a review, which I am more than happy to do as the topic of the book fits with this blog.  I hope you find this book review helpful.

Rating – 5 Out Of 5 Stars – You Should Read This!

I give this book a five out of five stars. McGurk does a fantastic job of combining her personal experiences and opinions with extensive research.  The topic is invaluable for all parents, but her unique perspective as a Scandinavian/American, is what makes it such a good read.

The questions that the author brings up in the book are questions that all parents have asked themselves at one time or another.  Are my kids spending too much time on devices?  How can I get them to want to play outside more?  Is it safe for them to play like that?

The author provides a ton of research, interviews, and personal anecdotes to make her case for the importance of getting kids outside in nature more. She covers everything from free range parenting to school testing, and from forest schools to letting kids walk to the park alone.

Personally, since I am already a firm believer in the importance of getting kids outside more I enjoyed the personal stories more than the extensive research. For others, the research may persuade them.

About There’s No Such Thing As Bad Weather

The author, born in Sweden, lives in the USA and is disenchanted with the lack of time children spend outdoors in nature in the USA, including during school. She takes her children to live for 6 months back where she grew up in Sweden. While there she remarks on the major differences between cultural attitudes towards schooling and parenting in Scandinavian countries and the USA.

However, this book is not just another doom and gloom book, lamenting over too much time spent inside on devices. It goes beyond that to offer Scandinavian parenting tips to help parents get their kids outside more. Those Scandinavian parenting tips are what motivated me to get my kids outside more in order to let them play and be kids.

book reviewAbout The Author – Linda Akeson McGurk

Linda Åkeson McGurk is a Swedish-American freelance journalist, author and blogger. A nature lover and mother of two daughters, she believes that the best childhood memories are created outside, while jumping in puddles, digging in dirt, catching bugs, and climbing trees.

McGurk is a regular contributor to Outdoor Families Magazine, and her writings about natural parenting, outdoor play and green living have appeared in a wide range of publications and online outlets, including Green Child Magazine, Mother Nature Network, The Green Mama, Childhood 101, Preschool Inspirations and the Children and Nature Network. In 2013, she started the blog Rain or Shine Mamma to inspire outdoor play and adventure every day, regardless of the weather.