The 8 Best Rocky Mountain Hiking Books – Get Out & Explore!

rocky mountain hiking books

Where is this Colorado trail? A good hiking book will help you find it.

Here are the 8 best Rocky Mountain hiking books that I have used during my years exploring the Rockies.  These will help you find tons of fun trails and areas to visit.

I have found that there are two important tools that help me find cool, new areas in the Rockies.  The first of these are maps of the different parts of the Rocky Mountains.  Then the second are Rocky Mountain hiking books that show all of the different trails.  These 8 Rocky Mountain hiking books are invaluable as they will show you areas you didn’t know about or will reveal new trails in areas you frequent.

rocky mountain hiking books8 Best Rocky Mountain Hiking Books

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Hiking the Wasatch by John Veranth – For anyone that lives near the Wasatch Mountains of Utah or will be visiting Salt Lake City this is the book that you need.  This book does an incredible job of covering the trails in all of the different canyons of the Wasatch.


100 Classic Hikes in Utah – Wow.  This book was my go to hiking book for Utah for years.  It shows all of the best hikes across the state, from the mountains of northern Utah to the red rock deserts of the middle and southern part of the state.


100 Classic Hikes in Colorado – This is a great overview to the best hikes in all of Colorado.  It does not get into detail and show all of the smaller trails in the regions, but it is a great overview of the entire state.


Hiking Waterfalls in Colorado: A Guide to the State’s Best Waterfall Hikes – This book lists loads of hikes across the entire state.  It includes hikes for any skill level and of varying lengths so you can find just what you are looking for.



Non-Technical Canyon Hiking Guide to the Colorado Plateau – This guide does a fantastic job of covering the canyons of the Colorado Plateau. If you are looking to find slot canyons – this book is for you.  Unfortunately, it is not as easy to read or as simple to understand as the other books.  It makes up for that by providing a ton of information if you know how to read it and can interpret and understand the maps.  This book will help you explore remote, less travelled canyons of the Colorado Plateau.


Hiking Idaho: Idaho’s Sawtooth Country – This is a great overview to the trails of the amazing Sawtooth Mountains in Idaho.



Hiking Glacier and Waterton Lakes National Parks – This is a good guide to this small piece of Montana.



Hiking Montana: A Guide to the State’s Greatest Hikes – Like many of the others, this is a good broad overview that highlights many of the best hikes across the state.

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