2017 – A Look Back & 2017 Top Posts

2017 top posts

The end of the year is here!

Since the year is coming to an end I wanted to take a look back at the 2017 top posts.  I enjoyed 2017 and am looking forward to more in 2018!

I hope that you had a nice 2017.  I know that I definitely had a good year of exploring the great outdoors with my family.  Earlier today I sat down and looked back on what I did all year, remembering the good times.  I looked back at my life and now I it is time to look back at my blog.  First is a bit of a recap of the highlights for me and then the 2017 top posts that people enjoyed reading the most.

2017 – A Look Back

I wrote over 150 blog posts during the year.  Hopefully, you read some of them and enjoyed all that you did read.

2017 top posts

I was super excited to publish my book in 2017!

Some of the highlights of the year for me included publishing my book, Jake’s Nature Guide: Rocky Mountains.  My book is now available to buy in many bookstores across the Rockies and online.

Another highlight for me was to watch my blog grow tremendously.  In January 2017 I had 1,200 views per month, but it grew to a peak of just under 8,000 views in September!  I am thrilled that people out there are enjoying what I write about here on Jake’s Nature Blog.

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The Ten 2017 Top Posts

Is that a birch tree or an aspen?  This has been by far the most popular post.  It helps readers understand the differences between an aspen and a birch.  This post makes it easy for readers to identify each type of tree.

I bet you don’t know what is the heaviest rock?  This may surprise you.

2017 top posts

Conifer trees covered in snow during winter in the Rocky Mountains.

Why are there conifer trees in the mountains?  This post explains why the mountains are covered in conifers that stay green all year long.

Why do flowers bloom at different times of the year?

2017 top posts

Where are these guys in the winter?

What happens to ladybugs in winter?

What animals can breathe through their skin?

Poop!  What animal does it most often?  Kind of gross, but an interesting post.

Why do birds rub their beak on a branch?  I always wondered why birds do this and now I know.

Common bugs of the Rocky Mountains.

What happens to lizards in winter?

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