Parents Must Teach What To Do If Kids Get Lost Hiking

kids get lost hiking

Parents should remember to talk to their children about what to do if they get lost hiking.

It is important that parents teach their kids what to do if the kids get lost hiking.  Here is an explanation of why this is crucial and tips in case you get lost.

I have previously talked about what you should do if you get lost while hiking.  I realize that I failed to mention or stress the importance of parents educating their children about what they should do if they get lost.  It is great that the parents know what to do, but kids should have a basic idea also just in case they are alone and get lost.

kids get lost hiking

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Before You Go Hiking – Teach Them What To Do If Kids Get Lost Hiking

Talk to your kids about what to do if they get lost.   Unfortunately, it can and does happen that kids get lost hiking. This can happen even if they are with their parents. It is not something to be overly worried about as long as you are prepared and you have taught your children what to do in case they get lost.

Take a few minutes to talk to your children about what to do if they get lost. Review the tips in this past post about the STOP concept.   

Encourage Them To Remain Calm – This is always much easier said than done, but is still important.  It is important for anyone that is lost, especially children to remain calm and think clearly.  Remind them the importance of thinking out their situation and using their heads to come up with a plan.

kids get lost hiking

Parents need to reassure their kids that they will find them no matter what. Photo via Flickr.

Remind Them You Will Find Them – Reassure them that you are their parents and no matter what it takes you will find them.  Tell them that you will enlist the aid of others and do whatever it takes to find them.  The most important thing they can do is to remain calm and not go running around recklessly.

Tell Them This Most Likely Will Never Happen, But Is Just To Be Safe – Talk to them about the fact that you are talking about this just to make sure they are prepared.  Talking to them about how to be safe just in case they get lost hiking is similar to how you discuss how to be safe around home and the neighborhood.  It is always better to be prepared.

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  1. Just reading through these tips it occurred to me that while we’ve talked with our kids about this lots, we’ve never practiced. I think it could be very helpful to do a practice run of “getting lost” with a few adults and kids. Thanks for the tips.

  2. Such a good reminder! I also love to share tips, resources, and skills with hikers but seeing as I don’t have kids myself I never would have thought of this aspect! And I’m even listening to the Someone Knows Something podcast right now, and the first season starts with a 5yo boy who went missing on a fishing trip in the ’70s and they mentioned that kids, unlike adults, won’t usually follow or stay at a road crossing if they come to one, they may just wander on back into the woods! So scary and chilling to think about.

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