Overcome Sluggishness – 5 Tips To Get Kids Out The Door

overcome sluggishness

Ready to get out the door?

Sometimes it can be so hard to overcome sluggishness and just get the kids out the door to go for a hike.  Here are some simple tips to help you get moving.

I love going hiking with my family, but sometimes I feel tired of working so hard to get everyone else excited about it.  Sometimes the family is ready to go, but other times nobody wants to do anything.  Those are the days that I have to fight and push to overcome that apathy and get us out the door.  Here are some tips to help keep you motivated and get outside today.

overcome sluggishness

Ever feel like a couch potato? Photo via Flickr.

The Problem – It Can Be Hard To Overcome Sluggishness And Get Going

All of us have busy, full lives and it can tire a person out.  Then on the weekend it can be so easy and nice to just hang out and take it easy as opposed to going for a hike.  Sometimes the kids are excited to go hiking and other times nobody wants to leave the house.

Sometimes it is OK to have a down day, but other times the parent needs to fight to overcome that sluggishness and get everyone outside.  Getting the family outside for a hike will be a lot of fun.  The hardest part sometimes is just getting out the door.

overcome sluggishness5 Tips To Overcome Sluggishness And Get Out The Door

Suggest Trails That Everyone Loves – You can always suggest hiking along trails that you have all done before and everyone enjoys.

Offer Incentives – This is not always the best option, but sometimes you just need to do what you have to do.  Maybe tell them that if you do a hike they can watch a movie later or have a friend over to play.

Parents Need To Work Together – It is crucial to overcome sluggishness and get the family out the door that the parents are both equally supportive of going for a hike.

Persevere – Don’t give up easily.  Stick to your guns and work hard to get the kids outside.  Although they probably won’t believe it at the time, you can remind them how much fun it is.  Persevere and get everyone outside.

Remember, Once You Are Outside It Is All Worth It – Keep in mind that once you are all outside hiking it will be fun.  In my experience with our kids, once we are out hiking everyone will begin to enjoy themselves.  I don’t understand why or how that happens, but is as if the kids just needed to get outside to remember they enjoy it.

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  1. This is so perfect, and definitely something that we deal with on a daily basis! Rhythms and routines help, but like you say, those incentives and buy-in from each family member is huge.

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