7 Hiking Songs For Fun On The Trail With Kids

hiking songsHiking songs is another great and fun activity to do while on the trail with your kids.  Here are some of my favorite songs when we are hiking in the Rocky Mountains.

Hiking with my kids combines my loves of nature and family.  However, as anyone that has spent much time hiking knows, it can become tiring at times.  Singing songs on the trail is a great way to pass the time and it will also keep you safe.  These songs are some of the ones that we always end up singing.  Although, now that my kids are older they will sometimes just start singing lots of other songs that I don’t know.

Benefits Of Hiking Songs

As I said above, singing songs on the trail is a great way to pass the time.  Sometimes you may be on a long trail and everyone may be getting a little bit tired.  Those can be trying times as everyone is a bit grouchy.  Singing songs helps keep up everyone’s spirits.

hiking songsAnother benefit of singing songs is that it is just fun.  After all the main reason that we are out hiking with our kids is to have fun.  So, go ahead and sing your lungs out, especially if you are in a remote area.  Personally, I know that I am a bad singer, but when we are on the trail I have no qualms about singing away.

One other benefit is if you are hiking in bear country it will alert bears to your presence and keep you safe on the trail.

Hiking Songs With Kids

*This is a broad range of songs, from songs for toddlers up to songs for pre-teens.  You will quickly learn what songs your kids enjoy and which ones they don’t.

hiking songsOld McDonald – Always fun no matter the age since everyone can get involved and take turns picking animals and noises.

Home On The Range 

hiking songsStar Spangled Banner – I hate to say it, but sometimes when we sing this we can’t remember all of the words.  Since this is our national anthem I figure it is good to know it.

Row Row Row Your Boat – A simple, old song that can be fun if you start singing in rounds.

The Ants Go Marching One By One – This is another good, easy fun song.

The Green Grass Grew All Around – this is a kids song, but our kids still like to sing this now that they are 8 and 10.

Wheels On The  Bus – fun for little kids, but kids will quickly grow out of it.