Poll On Favorite Wildflowers In The Rocky Mountains?

favorite wildflowers

Indian Paintbrush

Here is a poll I created to find out reader’s favorite wildflowers in the Rocky Mountains.  Please take a minute to answer this quick poll.

Every time that I go hiking I see wildflowers.  From spring through to fall there are various wildflowers blooming in the Rockies.  Different flowers bloom at different times of year.  I have my favorite wildflowers, but I wanted to create a simple poll to find out what your favorites are.

Rocky Mountain Wildflowers

Since there are so many wildflowers in the Rocky Mountains I can’t list them all in the poll.  The following are photos of some of the wildflowers you may see in the Rockies to help give you an idea of the flower I’m talking about.  Also, if you want you can check out this other post on the common wildflowers of the Rockies.

favorite wildflowers


In this poll I list off a few of the more popular ones, but please feel free to write in anything else if you don’t see yours on this list.  Some other ones include Aster, Fireweed, Skyrocket, Yarrow, Phlox, Larspur, or Arrowleaf Balsamroot.

favorite wildflowers