Best Hiking With Kids Blogs In Rocky Mountains

hiking with kids blogsHere are the best hiking with kids blogs that I have come across and I wanted to pass on to my readers.  These have gear reviews, trails to explore and more.

There are a lot of blogs on the Internet that cover a broad range of topics related to hiking.  Some of these blogs give tips on hiking and others list off some of the best trails to take kids hiking on.  I just wanted to list them all here in one place to make it easy for parents to find what they are looking for.

hiking with kids blogs

The best hiking with kids blogs right here!

Best Hiking With Kids Blogs – Mainly Focused on the Rocky Mountains

Your Hike Guide – This blog covers a whole range of different hikes.  It is not specifically designed for just hiking with kids.  But, you can search for ‘child friendly hikes’.  The hikes covered are mainly in the Western USA.

Outdoors Mom – a nice blog written by a Mom with a background in forest management and now is devoted to getting her kids outside as much as possible.  This blog has tips on hiking, camping, and fun things to do with kids outside.

The Big Outside – this is a travel blog of family outdoor adventures and backpacking, hiking, skiing, and paddling stories.  The posts and stories on this blog are well written and very entertaining.

Tales of a Mountain Mama – Tales of a Mountain Mama aims to help inspire families to get outdoors and adventure, even with young children. It is full of stories from out on the trails, in the woods, and in the mountains, and provides tips and tricks.

Rain or Shine Mama – this is a blog that is full of great tips on inspiring parents to get their kids outdoors and has many activities to do so.

Bring the Kids – this blog contains some good posts on hiking with kids, but it also has a lot of posts and information about traveling the world with kids.

MountainMomandTots – this wonderful blog is written by a mountain mom based in Utah and is focused on getting her kids outdoors.  She reviews gear, books, and has stories about different areas to explore, mainly along the National Park to Park Highway.

Nature for Kids – this blog is about a couple with young kids and is full of ideas to encourage getting kids outside. Some of the posts talk about different places to go hike in Utah, tips on hiking with kids, and some on camping with kids.


This list of the best hiking with kids blogs is far from complete, but it is some of the ones that I think are good sources of information on hiking with kids.

Please get in touch with me if you have any questions, comments, or know of other good hiking with kids blogs that I am missing.  Thanks!