Video – Author’s Corner – Interview About Book


Photo via Flickr.

Here is a short video that we put together about my new book, Jake’s Nature Guide: Rocky Mountains.  In this video I explain how the book help readers easily learn about the Rockies.

The Rocky Mountains are some of the most amazing mountains in the world.  I love exploring them alone and with my family.  As this video shows, my new book will help anyone easily learn about the natural world of the Rockies.  The book is a tool to help readers gain a better appreciation of the natural world around them.

Video – Made In House

This short movie was put together in house, literally.  My seven year old son worked his magic behind the camera, doing the filming.  Then in front of the camera my nine year old daughter does a great job of interviewing me about the book.

I had a lot of fun making this with my kids.  More importantly, I think this short clip does a great job of explaining a bit more about what this book is and how it will be useful and helpful for people.

Video – About Jake’s Nature Guide: Rocky Mountains

Well, without further ado, here it is.  Please enjoy it and take your first step towards learning more about the natural world around us in the Rocky Mountains.