Children Safety Around Rocky Mountain Wildlife

children safety

Tips to keep kids safe in the outdoors.

Children safety is of the utmost importance anytime you spend time in the Rocky Mountains.  Of course, as a parent you need to strike a balance between being safe and being overly protective.

The Rocky Mountains are some of the most amazing outdoors in the United States.  It can be an incredibly fun and rewarding place to explore with children.  However, it is crucial that parents know the dangers and precautions to take around the wildlife.  Here are some general children safety tips to help parents be prepared to explore the Rockies in a safe and fun manner with their kids.

How Dangerous Is Wildlife To Children?

Luckily for us, wildlife attacks are relatively uncommon.  The odds of being attacked by a wild animal in the mountains are lower than being in a car accident.  They do happen and it is important to know what to do just in case it does.

Children especially need to be careful in the outdoors because they are smaller and make an easier target for wildlife if they decide to attack.

kid safety wildlife pinGeneral Children Safety Tips Around When Outdoors

Parents, try to keep your children under control and near you when you are in the outdoors.  How observant and careful you are depends on where you find yourself.  If you are on a main trail with tons of people then you can be a little bit less vigilant.

On the other hand you should be extra cautious if you are on a seldom used trail that is full of shrubs and is difficult to see far due to the foliage.  This is because it is harder for you to see the animals and harder for the animals to see and avoid you.

Children Safety Tips Around Rocky Mountain Animals

There are a lot of wild animals in the Rocky Mountains.  Hopefully, you and your children are lucky enough to have a safe encounter with wildlife in the Rockies.  Here are some specific tips to be safe around some of the common animals in the Rockies.  Note – these are tips to guide you as a parent to be safe.  Ultimately, your safety in the outdoors rests with you.

children safetyMoose

Keep your children near you.  Give the moose plenty of space so that it won’t feel threatened.  If a moose charges you, quickly run away and get something between you and the moose.  Read this for moose safety tips.

children safety

A black bear.


How you respond to a bear depends on what kind of bear it is.  First figure out if it is a black or grizzly bear.  If a grizzly bear attacks you should play dead.  If a black bear attacks you should fight back.

children safety

The western rattlesnake is the only poisonous snake in the Rocky Mountains.  Luckily they are not aggressive.


If you see a rattlesnake, slowly back away and give it room to leave.  If it bites you, seek medical attention immediately.  Read this for more info on what to do if a rattlesnake  bites.

children safety

A mountain lion.

Mountain Lion

Pick up small children.  Make eye contact to let the mountain lion know you are not prey, but are more a threat to it so that it won’t attack you.  Read this for detailed mountain lion safety tips.

children safetyMosquitoes and Biting Bugs

In the mountains bugs are a common problem.  To minimize the problem and nuisance wear good bug spray.  More importantly, wear light weight long sleeves and pants.  This will reduce the amount of skin that the bugs can bite you on.   Here are some other tips on how to avoid mosquito bites.