Poop! What Animal Does It Most Often?


Photo via Flickr.

Poop.  Have you ever read the book, Everyone Poops?  To sum up the book, all animals eat and all animals poop.  We all do it, but some do it more than others.

We got that book when we were teaching our kids how to use the toilet.  We all found it funny at the time.  But, now we have a bird and it seems like the bird is pooping all of the time!  That led me to research how often different animals take care of their business.  Here is a little bit of information on how often some Rocky Mountain animals poop, including which one does it the most often.

How Often Do Different Rocky Mountain Animals Poop?

As I began looking into this, I quickly discovered that the answers are hard to find.  Part of the reason for this is that more research needs to be done.  There is lots of information to help identify animal scat, but not as much about frequency of defecating.  Here are some of the animals that I could find:


Moose pellets. Photo via Flickr.

Moose – Some research shows that moose will drop scat between 13 – 21 times in a single day!  It depends on what time of year and what they are eating.

Deer – Research done on this back in the 1940s found that deer drop scat 13 times a day.

Birds – In general smaller birds defecate more often than larger birds.  Birds defecate often because they use a lot of energy and need to remain lightweight in order to fly.  Small birds, may defecate up to 40 times a day, but bigger birds much less often, such as 12 times a day.

Rabbit – They poop a lot!  From what I’ve found they poop up to 200-300 pellets a day.


Canada goose poop. Photo via Flickr.

Geese – Geese go to the bathroom on average every 12 minutes!

Based on this small sample of animals it looks like the winner is probably the rabbit.  If you have walked around field that has rabbits living in it you can see the evidence everywhere.