State Mammal of the Rocky Mountain States

state mammal

Which state(s) is this the state animal of? Photo via Flickr.

The state mammal is another one of those symbols that most states have.  I wonder how many state mammals of the Rocky Mountain states you know?

It always amazes me how many symbols different states, cities, and countries can have.  There is a state flower, state bird, state rock, and just about anything else you can think of.  Some states have a state mammal and others have one or many state animals.  Many of the mammals that we love to see in the wild live in the Rocky Mountains and are a state symbol.  Here are the state mammals of the Rocky Mountain states.

state mammal

Rocky Mountain bighorn sheep. Photo via Flickr.

State Mammal – Colorado

Colorado does not have just a state mammal, but has instead a state animal – a Rocky mountain bighorn sheep.  It was made the official state animal in 1961, much later than the state bird (1931) and flower (1899).

Rocky mountain bighorn sheep only live in the Rockies and generally live high in the mountains above treeline.  They have great balance and can be seen high up on cliffs.   There are around 45,000 animals alive, which tend to stay in small herds.

State Mammal – Idaho


Idaho has not yet designated an official state mammal or even animal.

state mammal

Grizzly bear.

State Mammal – Montana

Grizzly bear.  The official state animal for this beautiful, rugged state in the Rockies is the formidable Grizzly bear.

It was designated in 1981 after students across the state held votes and then campaigned for their favorite animal.

Grizzly bears are the largest carnivore in North America.  They can run up to 35 mph, stand up to 8 feet tall, and weigh up to 1,500 pounds!

state mammal

Rocky Mountain elk. Photo via Flickr.

State Mammal – Utah

The Rocky Mountain elk was made the official state animal of Utah in 1971.

Elk now can only be found west of the Rocky Mountains and can be seen all over the mountains of Utah.  A male or bull elk can grow up to 5 feet tall, at the shoulder, and weigh up to 1,200 pounds.

State Mammal – Wyoming

Wyoming made the American buffalo the official state mammal in 1985.  The American buffalo (or bison) is also the state mammal of Kansas and Oklahoma.  In 2016 it became the official national mammal of the USA.