State Flower of Rocky Mountain States – Beautiful

state flower

Do you know this beauty?

The State Flower of the Rocky Mountain states are all truly exquisite.  Some of them are well known, but others are more obscure.

Some state symbols or national symbols are well known such as the Bald eagle.  Others are not as well known like the Syringa, which is the state flower of one of the western states.  Each state legislature chose a flower that they feel best represents their state.  Here are the state flowers of all of the Rocky Mountain states.

Colorado State Flower – Rocky Mountain Columbine

This beautiful flower is the state symbol of Colorado and seems to me to be the unofficial flower of the Rocky Mountains.  It was made the state flower of Colorado back in 1899 by the State Legislature.  This is also one of the common wildflowers of the Rocky Mountains.  FYI – the photo at the top of this post is the Rocky Mountain Columbine.

state flower

Syringa. Photo via Flickr.

Idaho State Flower – Syringa, Mock Orange

Along with many of the state symbols, this was designated the official flower of the state in 1931.  This is one of the less well know flowers.  In fact, it is a shrub with nice clusters of white flowers.

state flower

Bitterroot. Photo via Flickr.

Montana State Flower – Bitterroot

This nice flower has a beautiful purplish-pink petals.  The native americans used the roots of this flower for food and trade long before the area was explored by Lewis and Clark.

state flower

Sego lily. Photo via Flickr.

Utah State Flower – Sego Lily

The sego lily was made a symbol of Utah in 1931, but it had previously been the state floral emblem in 1911.  Initially it was made the state floral emblem because the early settlers to the area used it as a valuable food source.

This memory along with the beautiful flower led school children and the then the state legislature to vote for it and make it the official state flower.

state flower

Indian Paintbrush

Wyoming State Flower – Indian Paintbrush

This was designated in 1917.  This is a beautiful flower that is one of the common wildflowers of the Rocky Mountains.  It comes in various varieties with slightly different colors, some more red or orange.