7 Beaver Facts – These Are Cool Animals!

beaver factsHere are 7 beaver facts that I wanted to share with you to show you why I like these animals.  These amazing beavers can be found throughout the Rocky Mountains.

There are a lot of cool animals in the Rocky Mountains, such as Moose and marmots.  Beavers are another really neat animal that more often we see signs of than the actual animal itself.  Beaver lodges are common to see if you know what to look for.  If you are lucky you may see a beaver swimming along the water when you are out on a walk or fishing.

7 Beaver Facts

Beavers Slap Their Tail On Water As A Warning

Beavers will slap their tail on the water, making a loud noise, in order to warn of intruders.

One time I was fishing in a small stream down in a gully when all of a sudden there was a large beaver near me.  Both of us were surprised and the next thing I knew I heard a loud slap as it hit its tail on the water.  Let me tell you, that slap definitely scared me and had me wanting to get out of there.

beaver facts

This pond was created by beavers. Look at the beaver lodge in the middle of the pond.

Next To Man – Beaver Has Greatest Ability To Change Landscape.

The animal that can change the landscape the most is man.  After man, beavers can greatly alter the landscape to suit their needs.  Beavers build dams, which create ponds and wetlands.  These new areas allow new plants and trees to grow, and create new habitat for fish and amphibians to live.

Beavers Are Giant Rodents!

As strange as it is to think, beavers are just a giant rodent.  They are related to mice and rats.

beaver facts

Photo via Flickr.

The Two Front Teeth of a Beaver Never Stop Growing!

This is important because they spend all of their time working on their lodge and dams, which means a lot of chewing wood.  They also eat twigs, which they need those sharp front teeth to do.

Beaver Teeth Are Orange!

Yes, it is true.  Sometimes beaver teeth appear a bright orange.  This is due to the iron content of the food they eat.  The iron actually helps to make their teeth stronger.

Beavers Live A Long Time!

They are one of the longer living mammals and can live up to 24 years in the wild.  In general, larger animals live longer than smaller animals.  A rabbit, squirrel, and chipmunk only live up to a few years.  On the other end of the scale, a grizzly bear can live up to 25 years.

Beavers Can Hold Their Breath Up To 15 Minutes!

Beavers are mammals, but they spend a lot of their life in, around, and under water.  In order to enter their lodge, they need to swim under water.  They can hold their breath a very long time.