Birds Migrating North In Spring – Examples in Rockies

bird migrating, migrating

Migrating birds – Canada Geese in their typical v-formation.

Birds migrating north, snow melting, and trees budding are all signs of spring in the Rocky Mountains.  Some birds migrate long distances, but others only go short distances.

Springtime is so great because the world is coming back to life after a long, cold winter in the Rocky Mountains.  Everything and everyone is excited to get outside and enjoy the warmth and sunshine.  One of the classic signs of spring is to see birds migrating north.  There are many birds that do this and here are just some that you may see.

Birds Migrating North In Spring To Follow Resources

The reason that birds migrate south in fall and north in the spring is to give themselves the best chance at survival and reproduction.  In the winter there simply are not many food resources available for the birds, so they head south to areas with lots of food.  Then in the spring they return north to those areas with lots of good food and where they know they can have babies.

Examples of Birds Migrating North That You May See

birds migrating

American Kestrel

American Kestrel

This beautiful bird is the Rockie’s smallest falcon.  It migrates south to the southern US states of Central America.  Then in the spring it migrates north again.

birds migrating

broad tailed hummingbird

Broad Tailed Hummingbird

This tiny bird migrates south in the fall to Texas, Mexico, or Central America.  Most hummingbirds do not migrate as a group, but travel as individuals.  Read these fun facts about hummingbirds.

birds migrating

Photo via Flickr.

Canada Goose

These birds migrate south in the fall and then you can see these birds migrating north in the spring.  When looking in the ski these birds form the classic v-formation that we think of for bird migration.

Take note though – these birds can often be seen flying in their v-formation at the end of a day.  They are not migrating all the time as often they are just returning to water after a day of looking for food.

birds migratingCliff Swallow

This small bird migrates to Mexico or even father south.

birds migrating

An Osprey perched high up on a tree by itself.


This majestic birds migrates to the southern USA or Mexico.  In the summer it can be found perched on tall trees near rivers where it hunts fish.

birds migrating

A turkey vulture migrates long distances.

Turkey Vulture

This bird migrates to Central or South America.  When migrating it is common for flocks of vultures to come together and travel.