Observe, Look Closely – It Is A Great Way To Learn


Look closely right there. Photo via Flickr.

Pay attention and hold still.  The best way to really learn about the natural world is to sit still and observe what is happening.

I love going for a hike, walk, or camping with my kids in the Rocky Mountains.  It is so much fun to walk, jump, run, and climb stuff.  During that time we see a lot of amazing rivers, trees, and mountains.  But, sometimes the coolest stuff that we see is when we hold still and look closely at a tiny area.

A Great Way To Learn Is To Be Good At Observing

This is true no matter what you are doing.  If you are playing basketball you can learn by watching the good players.  Or if you are out in nature you can learn by really looking closely and observing the natural world.


Look at that says my son!

Look Closely, Observe And You May Be Surprised By What You See

My son is much better at this than I am.  He is good at stopping and looking closely at something on the ground or up against the tree and he always finds somethings neat.  I love hearing the sense of awe and wonder in his voice as he says, “Wow!  Dad, come and look at this.”

If you look closely at a tree trunk you may find a column of ants slowly marching their way up the tree.  Then as you watch them you may see that there is big obstacle in their path that they have had to make a detour around.

Or you may see a white spot on in the thick bark of the tree.  Upon closer inspection you can see that the white spot is actually the home of a sinister looking spider that is crouched up inside of it.  Then if you are really lucky you may get to see the spider spring out and eat something.