Book Reviews Of Jake’s Nature Guide: Rocky Mountains

book reviewsHere are some reviews of my soon to be released book, Jake’s Nature Guide: Rocky Mountains.  Read these to see what others thought of this book.

My book all came about because I love to go hiking and teach my kids about the natural world.  Unfortunately, I could never find a field guide that I felt was super helpful for us.  This led me to write this book to use in the field for us and other parents who want to give their kids an introduction to the Rocky Mountains.  Some lucky readers have received or won a pre-release copy of the book and here is what they have to say about it.

Book Reviews of Jake’s Nature Guide: Rocky Mountains

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“My ten year old, though, found it fascinating, and he liked the fun facts provided by Jake the dog. I definitely enjoyed learning some new things, especially about the animals that tend to be found around the area. I love animals, and learning new facts about them was great!

I’d definitely recommend Jake’s Nature Guide for anyone who enjoys hiking, anyone who enjoys learning new things, and any parent who wants to get their kids more interested in nature rather than, say, video games. 5 stars!”

Jasmine of Jazzy Book Reviews

“The book is kid-friendly and entertaining, with playful illustrations of Jake the dog. It’s a great size for travel and is well organized. There is information about plant life including lichen and fungi, wildlife from insects to birds, fish and large bears, along with geological facts about rocks, formations and glaciers.

As a reading teacher, I find this book accessible to young children and easy to read. Adults will also enjoy this resource when traveling or simply to learn more about this region of the United States. I give it an A+!”

Sherre Marek, retired teacher and parent.

“We have two children who love to hike in the Wasatch Mountains of Utah and Jake’s Nature Guide has become an indispensable companion on our ramblings through nature. The kids love to use the book to identify insects and trees we stumble across…Great little guide to take with you on your family excursions as well as a fun coffee table book.”

Christian, teacher and parent.

“The color photos and illustrations enhance the text, and I especially enjoyed the extra facts in the “Did You know” sections. This is a great resource for kids and adults and I highly recommend it for those who live in the region or just want to know more about the Rocky Mountains!”

Connie, parent.