10 Coyote Facts You Should Know

coyote factsThese coyote facts will show you some of the things that make these animals unique.   Coyotes may look like a cute, cuddly dog, but be careful around these wild animals.

Coyotes are one of the common mammals of the Rocky Mountains.  I have seen and heard coyotes a lot in the Rocky Mountains.  Seeing one in the wild makes me feel  both excited and a little nervous, especially if I am alone.  In general, coyotes don’t attack humans, but they are wild animals and we should be careful around them.  Keep reading to learn more about these animals.

10 Coyote Facts That You Should Know

Coyotes make a yipping noise in the early evening and morning.  They do this in order to communicate with each other.

Coyotes are mostly nocturnal, doing their hunting at night.  Although, sometimes they are active during the daytime.

They are clever animals and as such are one of the few animals whose population is expanding despite humans.  Humans are moving into and destroying animals’ habitat.  This causes most animals’ population to shrink.  Coyotes are smart enough and able to adapt to living with humans.

coyote facts

Coyotes will eat anything.

Coyotes are omnivores – meaning they will eat whatever they can find.  They will eat plants and meat. Basically, they are very good at taking advantage of eating whatever they can find.  Sometimes they will scavenge food and other times they will hunt down a deer.  They will eat rabbits, mice, fish, insects, fruit, grass, and deer.  In cities they will eat pet food and garbage.

coyote factsThey are territorial animals and mark their territory with urine just like dogs.

Generally they are solitary animals or live in family packs.  But, during winter, especially very cold places like the Rocky Mountains, they will join together in packs to help with hunting.

They are monogamous, meaning that they choose a partner to mate with and stay with the same partner for life.

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A coyote pup coming out of the den. Photo via Flickr.

Coyotes will dig a den, a hole in the ground, to give birth and raise their babies.  Both Mom and Dad coyotes take care of babies.  In the beginning Dad will bring food to the Mom and babies and will protect them from predators.

Coyotes can mate with dogs!  The offspring are called coydogs.

Coyotes can run fast, up to 40 mph.