Your Chance To Win New Book – Jake’s Nature Guide

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Enter for your chance to win! Photo via Flickr.

This is your chance to win a prerelease version of my new book, Jake’s Nature Guide: Rocky Mountains!  I am giving away copies of the book to two lucky winners before the book is officially released on March 21.

My new book, Jake’s Nature Guide: Rocky Mountains is just weeks away from being published.  Actually, it is now 30 days away from being available to purchase online.  Before that time though the only way to get a copy is to win one.  Here is your chance to win this new book on the Rocky Mountains.

Giveaway At Goodreads To Win This Book

I am hosting a giveaway through Goodreads.  You can learn more about Goodreads here.  Basically, Goodreads is a website all about books and reading.  You can browse through books, receive recommendations based on your interests, and enter free giveaways by authors.  Goodreads has lots of different book lists that you can glance through.

Enter Giveaway For Free At Goodreads For Your Chance To Win!

I am hosting a free giveaway of two copies of my book at Goodreads.  This first giveaway is open from February 13 to February 28 (I will have one more if you miss this one).

Please click this link for your chance to win one of two copies of the book.  All you need to do is enter for your chance to win my new book about the Rocky Mountains.  You do need to be a member of Goodreads to win, but it is free and easy to join.  As a member you will get access to lots of great recommendations for you and different giveaways of prerelease books.

Jake’s Nature Guide: Rocky Mountains Is About…

My book is aimed at parents with young children or children themselves.  At 4″x6″ it may be small in size, but is jam packed with over 300 photos and illustrations.

Jake’s Nature Guide: Rocky Mountains is perfect for children because it is written in non-technical language, covers a broad range of topics, and serves as a great introduction to the natural world.

It can be used to help children and non-experts gain a greater understanding of the natural world of the Rocky Mountains, and identify the common species.