Coming Soon – My New Book On The Rocky Mountains

book, Jake's Nature Guide

The front cover!

I have an exciting announcement to make – my new book will soon be published and available to purchase.  Jake’s Nature Guide: Rocky Mountains will be out in the world in two months!

This unique book is going to be published on March 21, 2017!  I am very excited because this is the result of a lot of hard work early in the morning or late at night once I put the kids to sleep.  This book is a nature guide to the Rocky Mountains that covers all aspects of the natural world.  My goal with writing this was to make it easier for parents to introduce their children to the wonders of the Rocky Mountains.

Countdown To Publication – 60 Days!

The book is set to be published onMarch 21, 2017.  You can visit my author website here to learn a little bit more about it and even get a sneak peek at a few of the pages.

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Fun time with the kids in the Rockies.

Why Did I Write This Book?

I wrote this book because whenever I took my own kids hiking I could never find a good nature guide to bring along. Most books were too big to carry or only covered one subject, such as flowers or mammals.

I love hiking, especially with my kids.  An ideal day for me is to be up in the Rocky Mountains with my family as we explore a new area.  But, before now I could never find just one comprehensive book to bring on our outings to teach us about the natural world.

Soon, Jake’s Nature Guide will make it easy for me and for other parents to teach our kids about the amazing Rocky Mountains.  Or it will be a perfect book for older kids to use themselves to learn about the Rockies while they are out exploring them.



A happy Jake ready to share what he knows about the Rocky Mountains.

About Jake’s Nature Guide: Rocky Mountains

Jake’s Nature Guide is one pocket size book that covers all aspects of the natural world. It gives a little bit of background information on each subject and then helps readers identify the most common species in the Rocky Mountains using photos and drawings.

Parents can bring Jakes Nature Guide on their outings and introduce their children to the natural world of the Rocky Mountains.