10 Amazing Bug Facts You Won’t Believe!

bug facts

Stick insects are so cool! Photo via flickr.

Here are 10 amazing bug facts that will keep you awake at night.  Do you know the biggest or longest bug on earth?

I find bugs/insects fascinating.  They are one of those animals that are super easy to find because they seem to live everywhere.  In fact, a lot of the time I find them in places that I don’t really want to find them.  Well, here are some amazing bug facts that I wanted to share with you.

bug facts

Look at this Titan Beetle.  I wouldn’t want to find that under my pillow! Photo via Flickr.

One of Largest Insects in World is a Titan Beetle

The Titan Beetle lives in the Amazon rain forest and is one of the largest insects in the world.  They can grow up to 6 1/2 inches in length.  It has mandibles that are so strong it can snap a pencil in half.

Longest Insect in World Is a Stick Insect

One of the longest insects in the world is a giant walking stick insect that lives in Southeast Asia.  It can grow up to 2 feet long!

bug facts

An Atlas Moth is big! Photo via Flickr.

The Largest Moth In The World Lives in the Malay Archipelago

The Atlas Moth is considered to be the largest moth in the world.  It can have a wingspan up to 1 foot in length with a total area of its wings of 60 square inches!

There Are Tons Of Insects In the World!

It is estimated that there are 200 million insects for each person on the planet!  It is also estimated that there are 300 pounds of insect for every pound of human on earth.

So far, scientists have found 1 million different species of insects.  That is about 2/3 of the total of 1.5 million species of animals that have been identified in the world!

Bees Fly A Lot

While gathering food, a bee may fly up to 60 miles in a single day!

Most Butterflies Don’t Live Very Long

Most butterflies live for only a short time – 2 to 14 days.  However, there is one type of butterfly that lives in the Rocky Mountains, the Mourning Cloak, that lives for up to one year!

bug facts

A cicada is real loud.

Cicadas Are The Loudest Insects!

Their calls can be heard up to half a mile away.  During the day males make calls to attract a mate or to sound an alarm.

Moths Outnumber Butterflies

There are far more moths in the world than butterflies.  In the United States and Canada there are 11,000 different kinds of moths versus only about 750 kinds of butterflies.

Lots Of Babies

A queen termite can make a lot of babies.  Termite queens can produce between 6,000 and 7,000 babies in a single day!

bug facts

Only female mosquitoes bite.

Only Female Mosquitoes Bite

It is true that only the females bite.  It may seem that all of the mosquitoes in the world are biting you sometimes, but the males are not actually doing it.  The females need a blood meal in order to have babies.