13 Winter Facts – Rocky Mountains In Winter

winter facts, rocky mountains

Photo via Flickr.

The natural world of the Rocky Mountains is a much different place in winter than in summer.  Here are a number of great winter facts to help you understand the Rockies better.

I know I am getting older when I find myself starting my Christmas cards every year with the same phrase.  But, I honestly do feel that the time flies by and I can’t believe it is the Christmas time again. Christmas and New Year’s are a fun time for families, full of fun outdoor winter activities.  I hope you get out with your family for fun.   Here are some winter facts to help you understand the natural world during this cold time of year.

13 Winter Facts About the Rocky Mountains

Here are all of the posts that I have written about the natural world of the Rocky Mountains during winter.  I just wanted to put them all together in one place to make it easier for readers to see them all.

winter facts, mountain goat

A mountain goat with its thick winter coat.

How do animals survive winter?  All animals that live in the Rocky Mountains make a decision and choose a strategy in order to survive winter.

6 ways insects survive winter.  Insects survive winter by one of these 6 ways.

What happens to ladybugs in winter?  Ladybugs, an insect, survive winter in this manner.

winter facts, mosquitoWhat happens to mosquitoes in winter?  These little insects are so abundant in the spring time as the snow melts.  But, where are they during the winter and how do they survive?

What happens to ants in winter?  Where are those ubiquitous ants during winter?  In summer they seem to be all over the ground, but then they disappear during winter.

winter facts, birds

How does a Clark’s Nutcracker stay warm during winter?

How do birds stay warm in winter?  Many birds are still active during the winter and they can’t put on a warm winter coat to stay warm.  How do they stay warm during those cold days and nights?

Chickadees in winter.  A common bird that you may encounter during winter is a black capped chickadee.  Here is a little bit of information about these little birds during winter.

Where are the fish in winter?  Many ponds freeze over, yet the following spring there are lots of fish in them.  How does that happen?

winter facts, wolfHow do mammals survive winter?  Some of the big animals that people love to see, such as moose, are still active in winter.  Others are nowhere to be seen.  What strategies do mammals choose to survive winter?

Do any animals have babies in winter?

How do plants survive winter?

How do trees survive winter?

Tree buds in winter.