7 Winter Activities With Kids – #2 is a Must Do!

Winter is upon us, which means it is time to find some winter activity to keep the family busy.  Here is a list of fun winter activities for families to try in the Rocky Mountains.

I know that sometimes I have a hard time thinking of something fun to do with the kids during a cold, winter day.  To help out other parents get over this problem, I compiled a short list of fun winter activities to do with kids.  Winter is a playground with all kinds of fun activities to do.

sledding, winter activityTake Your Kids Sledding

Sledding is always fun and also a good way to get some exercise.  When you drive around town keep your eyes open for people sledding so you know where the good spots are.

This is a good activity because other than the cost of a sled it is free.  Parents can definitely join their kids for sledding, even riding down together if you want (or if your kids will let you).

Go For a Hike and Take Your Sled

As you known, I love hiking and I don’t let winter stop me.  But, hiking in the winter can be made super fun with the kids by bringing along a sled.  This is another great, free activity with kids.

The key to doing this is to find the right trail.  One option is to look for a trail that leads to a few hills you can sled on.  Another option is to hike up the trail and then sled back down the trail itself.  You can go up and down again and again.  Be careful if you sled down the trail as you need to watch for other hikers, and be careful there are no steep drops to the sides.

Try Ice Skating

This is something that can be done for free outside on a frozen lake or elsewhere if it is cold enough.  Or find an indoor rink to rent some skates and practice your skills.

Snow Shoeing

Snow shoeing is similar to hiking, except that the snow shoes allow you to go in deep snow and ice.  This is a great way to get the family out exploring some of the mountains in your area in the winter.  Snowshoes can often be rented at a local outdoor store.

winter activity, skiing, kids, familyDownhill Skiing/Snowboarding

Nothing beats skiing or snowboarding for those seeking a good adrenaline rush.  If you are new to skiing then you can usually find good beginner runs and rentals at most ski resorts.  Some of the resorts also offer different deals for lessons and rentals for first timers.

I would recommend lessons for kids, as they will have more fun learning from a good teacher.  They will also have a chance to be with other kids, making it a fun experience for them.  Remember, the goal is to have fun so that the kids will want to do it again.

winter activity, kids, snow, funPlay In Snow – Build a Snowman

Go outside or up into the mountains and just play in the snow.  See if you can build a snowman or a snow fort?  Maybe you can have a snowball fight.


There are many facilities that offer winter tubing, which is gliding down a slope on a giant inflatable tube.  Tubing provides the same rush of gliding down a hill that skiing and sledding do.  However, unlike sledding, with tubing you are sitting on a big, cushiony tube that absorbs all the bumps and give you a smooth ride.