5 Non-Shopping Things To Do on Black Friday

black fridayBlack Friday, the day after Thanksgiving somehow has become a major day to go shopping.  Make this Black Friday a day to have fun in the mountains as opposed to the stress of the mall.

Thanksgiving is a great holiday and time to get together with family.  There may be a lot of good deals on Black Friday, but it is an incredibly stressful and busy time.  Rather than spend the day after Thanksgiving fighting crowds at the mall, try spending some time out in nature with your family.

5 Non-Shopping Things To Do On Black Friday

black friday

Photo via Flickr.

Go Climb A Tree –  I know this sounds pretty basic, but give it a try.  Go to your local park or the forest outside of your town.  Walk around and look for a nice tree to climb.  Climb up, relax, and get a new perspective on life for a bit.

Visit a State Park – State parks are always fun to explore.  On Black Friday some state parks, including those in Minnesota, offer free admission to state parks.  In the past, some have even given discounts on camping and parking fees.  Check with your local state park to see what discounts may apply.

Whatever you choose to do, remember the goal is to get outside with your family and have fun.

Visit a National Park – There are many National Parks in the Rocky Mountains.  On this year’s black Friday, get out and go explore your closest park.

Go Fishing – I know that it may be little bit cold at this time of year to go fishing.  But, for some of you that don’t mind a little cold and chilly fingers this is for you.  Try fishing in your local river, lake, or pond.

black friday, hiking, hikeGo For a Hike – Ask my wife or kids and they will tell you this is my solution for everything.  So, I strongly suggest spending Black Friday going for a hike with your family.  You can drive up the the mountains, or go for a short walk somewhere near your house in a local regional park.