4 Free Fall Activities For Families

fall activities, fun, free, fall colorsThere are so many fun fall activities for families to participate in.  Sometimes it can be hard choosing which ones to do and which ones to pass on.

Fall time is filled with holidays and activities such as Halloween, Thanksgiving, and the fall colors.  I like to make sure and spend a lot of time outside in the lovely fall days in the Rocky Mountains with my family.  Here are some fun, free fall activities for kids and parents that you don’t want to miss out on.

Free Fun Fall Activities With Nature

free fall activities, family, fun

Take your kids hiking in the fall!

Take your kids hiking in the fall!  I know I’ve said it before, but the fall is a great time to go hiking with your kids.  The weather is cooler and the trails are not as crowded as in the peak of summer.  Here are seven fall hiking tips with kids to help you get out there and have fun.

pressing flowers, leaves, fall activities

Press the leaves to preserve them.

Press the leaves – This is another fun free activity that you can do at home.  The first step is just to collect your favorite leaves that you find in the fall time.  Fill a bag with leaves you find outside your house, at the park, or in the mountains.

Then you need to press the leaves.  Pressing the leaves will preserve them, so that they keep their color and shape for a long time.  This old post explains how to press flowers and leaves.  After you press them you can make fun crafts or frame them.

Crafts and activities – There are so many fun arts and crafts activities you can do at home with or without the fall leaves.  The leaves at this time of year are so beautiful and come in a huge variety of colors and shapes.  Some activities you could try include: a leaf wreath, popsicle sticks made into monsters or turkeys, a fun halloween garland, or more.  You can get some good ideas for fun fall crafts with kids at this other blog.

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These kids are hiding in a huge pile of leaves.

Play in the Leaves – Yes, this is a simple as it sounds.  Just go outside and play in the leaves.  You can have a leaf fight by throwing piles of leaves at each other.  Maybe, if the kids are lucky Mom or Dad will rake the leaves into a huge pile, so the kids can jump right in.