Dangerous Animals in the Rocky Mountains!

grizzly bear, dangerous animals, safety

A Grizzly bear is a dangerous animal.

Do you know which are the most dangerous animals in the Rocky Mountains?  There are a lot of different animals in the Rocky Mountains, some of which are more dangerous than others.

I have spent  lot of time hiking, fishing, and camping in the Rocky Mountains both alone and with my family.  During all of that time I can count the number of scary wildlife encounters on two hands.  It just hasn’t happened to me very often that I come across a bear, mountain lion, or rattlesnake up close.  Here are some of the most dangerous animals you may encounter in the Rocky Mountains.

Most Dangerous Animals in the Rocky Mountains

mountain lion, dangerous animalsMountain Lion – Attacks from mountain lions or cougars is rare, but it does happen.  Here are tips on mountain lion safety with kids.

Bears – Attacks from black and grizzly bears is even more rare than attacks by mountain lions, but again it does happen.  Here are some tips on being safe with kids in bear country.  Or here are some tips on how to keep safe if you encounter a bear.

Rattlesnake – The only venomous snake in the Rocky Mountains is the Western Rattlesnake.  Fortunately, it is not aggressive and rarely will attack unless stepped on.

moose, dangerous animals, safetyMoose – These big, lumbering animals may not look as scary as mountain lions, but they are very dangerous.  Here are some moose safety tips when hiking with kids.

White tailed deer – They are not big, scary predators like bears or cougars, but they cause a huge number of car accidents every year. Across the USA they are responsible for about 130 deaths a year (this is not just in Rocky Mountains).

American Bison – In national parks, you are more likely to be killed by a bison than by a bear.  Bison can be dangerous, especially during breeding season.  Give them lots of room and be careful around them.

Wolf – Wolf attacks can also happen to people.  This is very rare and there are not many documented cases of wolf attacks in the Rocky Mountains or North America.  However, it is crucial to be very careful and safe around wolves.

Be Careful Around All Wildlife

Just because an animal is not on that list or does not seem dangerous doesn’t mean that it is OK to approach it.  All wildlife that you encounter in the Rocky Mountains should be treated with caution.  The animal is wild, which means that you just don’t know what it is going to do.  All animals may bite you no matter how big or small they are.

Parents Teach Your Children To Be Safe Around Wildlife

Parents need to make sure that as their children grow up and spend time in the outdoors that they are aware of how to treat wildlife.  It is crucial that parents teach their children to be cautious of all wildlife and leave it alone.  It is never a good idea to take a stick and prod a snake to see what it will do.

Remember, your children will learn by watching you more than they will just by listening to you.  They will follow your example, so make sure that you are modeling good safety measures around wildlife when you are out in nature.