Parent Tip! To Be Happy Spend Time in Nature

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Look at this happy family exploring nature on a hike.

Do you want to be a happier person?  Apparently, spending more time in nature, including the Rocky Mountains, is one of the secrets of happy people.

I have recently been looking into the habits and secrets of happy people because who wouldn’t want to be happier.  There are tons of different lists that include things like think positive and don’t be jealous.  Not surprisingly, to me at least, one of the key secrets listed is that happy people spend lots of time in nature.

Some of the Lists of Secrets of Happy People

Here are some different lists of the secrets of happy people that include spending time in nature as one of the secrets.

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Parents Want Their Kids to Be Happy

As parents we naturally want the best for our children.  This means that we spend extra time buying and cooking good food for our kids.  Then at meal time we end up nagging them to eat their vegetables. We do this because we know healthy food is good for them.

We need to spend just as much time and effort making sure our kids get out in nature.  As these secrets of happy people show, spending time in nature will make us happier.  Parents need to do what they can to make it a habit for their children to spend time in nature.

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Fun family time exploring the Rocky Mountains.

More Helpful Tips For Parents To Get Kids Outdoors

I think that many of us read about the importance of getting kids in nature and think, ‘duh, of course.’  But, the hard part is actually doing it.  So, here are some of my past posts that talk about different ways of getting your kids outdoors in nature.

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