Simple Ways Your Child Can Be a Naturalist

naturalist, kids,Is your child ready to become the resident expert on the local wildlife?  By spending only thirty minutes of so a week your child can take the first steps towards becoming a naturalist.

I recently wrote a guest post for Go Adventure Mom about this topic and will summarize it here.  Now that school has started kids are back to their busy schedules with school taking up most of the day.  Afternoons are full with sports and activities, leaving hardly any time for other stuff.  Despite these busy schedules, your kids can still become naturalists by following a few simple tips.

Get a Journal or Notebook

The first step is to get a journal or notebook that you will use only for this.  This could be an old journal that is full of blank pages or could simply be lined notebook you buy at the store.  I recommend using a small notebook that has blank pages since that gives you the option to add drawings or whatever else you wish to add.

Use Your Observation Skills to Become a Naturalist

Then you simply need to find a nice spot around your house where you will sit for a few minutes each day and watch.  That is right, just sit down and use your keen observation skills to see what you can outside.  Pay attention to the details.  Do you see any animals or do you notice anything about the trees or flowers in your yard?

 What Should You Write Down in Your Notebook?

First make sure that you write down the date and time that you observed something.  Then you simply write down what you observed.  This could be as simple as stating, two robins were flying by the yard and landed in the big oak tree.  Or if you want to, you could add a nice drawing of the robins in the tree.

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