Bird Diagram – Birding for Beginners

Here is a simple bird diagram that shows the main parts of a bird.  This will help beginners, including parents and kids, learn the different parts of a bird.  This knowledge will help with describing and identifying different birds.

When I first became interested in birds I was overwhelmed at how many different kinds of birds there were.  I wanted to learn more about them and be able to identify the different kinds, but I simply didn’t know what parts of the bird were important to help me figure that out.  Well, here is a diagram and a short explanation of what to look for.

Simple Bird Diagram

This simple bird diagram shows the main parts of a bird.

bird diagram

If you see a bird that is sitting somewhere or flying in the air try to notice these key features, mainly focusing on the color of them as that will help you identify the bird:

Crest – Does the bird have a  crest on its head?

Breast – What color is it?  Is it the same as the rest of the bird’s body?

Throat – Sometimes birds have a stripe of a different color on their throat.

Back – What color is the back of the bird?

Tail – What color is it?  Is it very long or normal?  What shape is it?

Belly – Is this the same color as the back?

Bill – What shape is the bird’s bill?  This is important because a bird’s bill gives important clues about the bird.

I hope that you find this information and diagram helpful and that you can use this knowledge the next time you are exploring nature.  Remember, you do not need to be an expert to enjoy your time in nature, but you will enjoy your outings more with a basic understanding of the natural world.

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