How To Avoid Mosquito Bites

Why is it that some people get more mosquito bites than others?  I don’t understand what those people have done that gives them protection or makes them less tasty to mosquitoes, but I wish I knew.  It seems like some people don’t really do anything special, but for some reason are just lucky in that mosquitoes don’t like them.

mosquito biteAfter spending years in the mountains I have tried different approaches to reducing the number of mosquito bites that I get.  Some of them worked for me and others did not work so well.

Here are some things that you can try to reduce the number of mosquito bites you get:

Take Vitamin B (B Complex) –

A study back in the 1960s found that taking Vitamin B1 (Thiamine) may be effective in preventing bites.  However, since then taking Vitamin B1 has not been scientifically proven to work at preventing mosquito bites.  Despite this, I have personally tried this method and have found it to help reduce the number of bites I got during the summer.

It is suggested to take a B Complex vitamin (that contains 100mg of B1) everyday from April to October.  This may help prevent bites by causing your body to secrete the excess through your skin, which creates an odor that female mosquitoes do not like.  This may not work for you, but there is no harm in trying.

Wear Long Sleeves, Pants, Hats, and Socks –

One way to avoid mosquito bites is to simply not let any or much of your skin be exposed by covering up with long sleeve shirts, pants, socks, and hats.  I know that in the summer it is hot and the idea of wearing long sleeves and pants is not always fun, but you can find a lightweight pair of pants and a thin long sleeve shirt to do the job.  Also, a nice pair of socks will protect your ankles from bites.

Wear light Colors –

Mosquitos are attracted to dark colors, such as dark blue, and black.  In order to avoid bites it is best to wear light colors, such as white, or beige.

Insect repellent (chemicals) –

I realize that many people want to avoid chemicals, but one of the best ways to avoid mosquito bites is to use repellent.  DEET is the best.  Different kinds of repellents use different percentages of DEET in their formula – a 20% mix is very good and is supposed to be safe.  A 10% mix is supposed to be safe for children, but that is really a decision that a parent will have to make.  Unfortunately, many scientific studies have found DEET to have some harmful effects on people.   For more information about this click here.

Insect repellent (plant based) –

There are many good plant based insect repellents that will provide some protection from bites.  If you are out shopping, you can look for a plant based repellent that is made from or includes: citronella, lemon eucalyptus, or vanilla oil.

One suggestion is to wash with citronella soap and then afterwards to apply 100% pure citronella oil on your skin.