What is the Difference Between a Frog and Toad?

dog 2Ribbit.  Ribbit.

I know that is the sound a frog makes.  At least I think it is a frog.  I guess it could be a toad.  Here in the Rocky Mountains we do have both frogs and toads.

A frog or a toad…I know they are two different kinds of animals, but they are really similar.  I do remember that in one fairy tale the prince gets turned into a toad and stays that way until his true love give him a kiss.  Or is it a frog that he gets turned into?  

Well, here comes another fun fact about nature.  This is a short explanation of the differences between a frog and a toad so that there is no longer any confusion about which is which.

To help tell the difference between the two you should look at three main things: the skin, the legs, and when is it active.  In general you can tell if an animal is a frog or toad by looking at the following:


Frog – has smooth and moist skin.

Toad – has bumpy or warty skin that is dry.


Frog – has long back legs for jumping long distances.

Toad – has shorter back legs because it does not jump, but walks around.


Frog – frogs are active during the daytime.

Toad – toads are active at nighttime.

Now that you have had time to review the differences between a frog and toad it is time to give you a chance to try out your new skills.

Frog or Toad?  What do you think?

toad sonoran.jpg

This is image A.  See below for the answers.


frog small

This is image B.



A. This is a toad – a giant Sonoran Toad.  Notice the bumpy skin and smaller back legs.

B.  This is a frog – look at the smooth skin and the long back legs.