Hello World!

Welcome to my blog on the natural world of the Rocky Mountains!

I love exploring the Rocky Mountains with kids, parents, and friends. I think the Rocky Mountains are amazing and are filled with beautiful and fascinating plants and animals. It seems like every time I head out to the mountains I come across or see something that stops me in my tracks and captivates me.

I love how despite the fact that the animals and plants that live in the mountains are the same, they are constantly changing throughout the year. I can visit the same meadow or lake in the summer, fall, and winter and see not only how different it looks, but also how the same plants and animals adapt to the different conditions. Similar to how people put on big coats and stay inside in the winter, the plants and animals change their appearance and behavior to survive the long, cold winter.

My goal with this blog is to share my love for the Rocky Mountains with everyone and, hopefully, to help others come to love the Rockies more as they gain a better understanding of the natural world there.